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All about choosing custom chopper kits
By Chris Martin

Choosing right parts for your custom chopper bike can be very confusing, mainly when we consider the large numbers of custom chopper bike kits available on the market today. Chopper innovators like Bikerís Choice, Phantom Cycle and many more sell choppers in a box kits, accessible for people hunting for choppers. And in fact, these kits of custom choppers have become

Choose a Custom Chopper Kit

quite affordable and no longer pertain only to wealthy people. A custom chopper kit offers you with all the necessary instructions and simply about every component required to create a perfect chopper of ones dreams.

Before you start to build up your custom chopper bike you are require to ask yourself, what type of chopper are you interested in building? Then further you need to set the budget for your parts, labor and expected cost overruns. The price of the parts has scared many chopper fans from building up a custom chopper by their own, but in case you have exact specifications and the time and skills to invest into the chopper project, then parts could be quite cost effective. If you are choosing parts of your kit at the lower end spectrum then you would still end up with a bike, which would look like a Jesse James creation but would anyhow have enough money left to throw a party when your new chopper leaves the garage.

When selecting the parts for your custom chopper kit, try to use the most real parts accessible on the market with your set budget. Sometimes even if you have an amazing design in mind, you could end up with poor looking chopper, due to less attention to detail by different suppliers.

Complete custom chopper kits naturally comprises of an engine, chassis kit, exhaust pipes, tires, steel tanks and other required metal parts, taillights, various controls, a seat, headlamp and carries many more. The extras supplied with a chopper kit will actually differ depending on the brand of chopper selected. To finish your project, you would require paint and sometimes battery acid as well. Most chopper kits do not offer you mirror, speedometers and other fancy accessories. These you could purchase separately according to your taste and preferences.

To avoid volatile result, experienced chopper builder suggest waiting until you could afford buying all the accessories from one manufacturer. Waiting might not be simple when it comes to building your dream come true. But when you finally complete your custom chopper, you would be really glad you waited.

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