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Each year, May is designated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. States and motorcycle organizations across the country conduct a variety of activities to promote the importance of motorist awareness and sharing the road with motorcyclists


Over two-thirds of fatal motorcycle crashes involve a motorcycle and another vehicle. The motorist either does not see the oncoming motorcycle at all or does not see the motorcycle in time to avoid a crash. It is important for motorists to know that their actions affect the safety of motorcyclists.


Likewise, it is equally important for motorcyclists to do all they can to make themselves seen by the driving public.


As a result, Maryland-based Wyked Illuzionz  has been diligently working to educate the motorcycling community on this important safety topic.  Their motto is “Be safe……Be Seen” and Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is the best time to do just that.


Wyked Illuzionz professionally installs LED lighting products on motorcycles and has been continuously promoting their use as a matter of safety.  They are advocates for lighting engines, wheels, saddle bags and ground effects.  LED lights come in a wide array of colors and sizes and are, therefore suitable for all types of bikes and bikers.


In honor of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and in celebration of the passage of the new Maryland law (Senate Bill 713 effective June 1, 2008) allowing certain LED lights on motorcycles, Wyked Illuzionz is on a campaign to light up as many motorcycles as possible during May.  In support of this effort, they are installing nights and weekends, traveling to motorcycle events and rallies, and even providing mobile services to some clients. 


In addition, they are offering their “Do It Yourself” kits to safety conscious bikers at discounted rates during May.  To ensure successful installation by the “do it yourselfers”, Wyked Illuzionz  is providing telephone support to them during the installation process.


EVERYONE should consider motorcycle safety EVERYDAY and Wyked Illuzionz’ goal is to help by lighting as many motorcycles as possible.  So, turn the lights on today.  The flip of a switch or the touch of a remote can make all the difference.


About the Author:  Wyked Illuzionz specializes in LED Lighting for Motorcycles.  They attend many of the major motorcycle events educating motorcyclists on this important safety issue and on the benefits of quality motorcycle lighting products and professional installation.  For additional information, please visit

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