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Traction Control Braking

There is an incredible revolution in the motorcycle safety and ATV safety arena, Traction Control Brakes. This system, also referred to as TCB Braking, can help you avoid accidents by helping to avoid your wheels from locking.

Many riders today are hesitant to hit their brakes hard and/or do not use their back brakes for fear of locking the wheels up and dumping their bike. Traction Control Braking is an incredible solution.

Motorcycle and ATV brakes lock on the high and low spots on the rotor. The TCB Braking System can help the wheels from locking in the first place. In hydraulic brake systems there is no give in the brake system, but the TCB unit gives your brake system some give so the pad floats and/or drags over the high and low spots on a rotor. This is accomplished by having a banjo bolt that has an air chamber that is separated from the brake fluid by a rubber diaphragm.

The unit fits on 95% of existing motor sports vehicles and only costs $79 a unit. The cool thing is that you can install the unit in 10 minutes, all you need to do is pull out your current banjo bolt, replace it with the Traction Braking unit, and bleed your brakes.

This is a welcomed and very much needed motorcycle safety and ATV safety product. After all, you need to avoid locking your brakes on a two wheeled vehicle so you don’t lay it down and with 4 wheel vehicles you don’t want to lock up the brakes or you might flip it over.

To find out where to get these aftermarket motorcycle brakes part put on your motor sports vehicle just go to the Traction Control Braking site.

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