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Wicked Women Choppers - The Tequila Rose

Wicked Women Choppers Logo
Title: Wicked Women Choppers

Wicked Women Choppers LLC.
by: papamike69

How a small town Alaskan woman is making her mark in the world of custom motorcycles.

At age ten Christine Vaughan became interested in motorcycling. Her first bike was a Suzuki RM100 and within a couple of hours, she tried standing up on the seat. Thinking that her lack of fear would serve her better in an organized environment, her Father signed her up for Racing. Christine  Christine Vaughan of Wicked Women Choppers
eventually moved up to quad racing, and then she became interested in street bikes.

Christine’s derives inspiration comes from the women in her family. Christine puts it like this.


Christine Vaughan

  “Gender blurring is a necessity in the Alaska bush – to survive everyone has to be able to do the task at hand. A stereotypical family could not function in the remote areas of Alaska and it is more the women doing what would be perceived as men’s work than it is the other way around.  If you are female and your family fishes, you fish.  The same holds true for canneries, logging and even the oil fields.  

I take strength in the fact that I can trace my maternal roots back through seven generations.  My Great-Great Grandmother ran a, lets say, “boarding house” so the entrepreneurial spirit is in my genes”.    

It was out of necessity that Christine learned to work on motorcycles.

One of the first things Christine did with her first bike was to take it apart. When she asked her Father and brothers to help her put it back together. They told her, ”you took it apart you can put it back together”. It has been a learning experience for her ever since. 

A high school graduate and almost two years of collage but with no degree behind her, Christine has never been good at learning by watching or listening. You can interpret that as a good or a bad thing, but the way that Christine learns best is by jumping in, getting her hands greasy and doing… 

Having no formal mechanical or fabrication training Christine has honed her bike building skills by trial and error. Bring able to learn by doing; normally she does not repeat her mistakes.

Starting with nothing but the idea, in 2004, Christine decided to start Wicked Women Choppers.

Christine knew that with out access to parts, her business would go nowhere. Therefore, she formulated a plan to start with the largest suppliers first. Christine recalls, all of her initial letters to the suppliers where answered and all were favorable.

Many company Owners and Presidents called to 
2007 Vixen
pledge their support. That was quite an accomplishment, considering at that time, Wicked Women Choppers met none of the normal requirements.

Christine Stated.

“Brett Smith of S&S called me personally and invited me to Daytona to attend an event they were sponsoring so he could meet me and introduce me to his staff.  We have had the same type of response, on a smaller scale, from all of the vendors. If you can get support from the big guys, the others will follow their lead.” 

Now with four full time employees, several part time employees and a painter who paints exclusively for her, Christine plans to staff up and start small line of signature parts once production gets going and she get comfortable with the production bikes. 

Being the only women in a male dominated industry Christine has received absolutely no dissension from her male counterparts. She has always been made to feel more then welcome and cannot say enough good things about them.

Breast Cancer Awareness Bike

Frustration brought Christine to her decision to make Motorcycles for women. Having to slide forward to reach forward controls is not only uncomfortable but also unsafe.  Having to balance the bike on the balls of your feet when stopped is the same.
To make the motorcycle more comfortable and safe to ride, Christine, when building her own motorcycles, had to fabricate her own parts. She addresses all of those issues when building a bike for her valued customers.


One such bike in production is the “Shady Lady”

The Shady Lady Custom Motorcycle

The Shady Lady is a “Chopper Style” bike and comes stock with a Polished 96 Cubic Inch S&S engine – a 107 and 113 inch motor is available as an upgrade. 

The frame has a drop-seat for easier reach to the ground without sacrificing ground clearance.  Everything on the bike is painted, polished or chromed.  The bars have internal wiring for a real clean look and the clutch is hydraulic for easier use with “comfort” style levers to accommodate smaller hands. 

The rear tire is an Avon 250 on a chrome billet 18-inch wheel.  The front tire is a 120 Avon on a chrome billet 21-inch wheel.  We choose a larger front tire to give better handling characteristics.  

The bike come standard with an enclosed primary belt drive though you can upgraded to a Primo/Rivera Brute IV open primary for an additional cost. 

The Shady Ladies design is with the optimum amount of trail to provide a safe ride at all speeds.  These bikes are designed to turn heads and made to be ridden.  

The “Shady Lady” comes stock with what most other companies charge as upgrades, but we do have some upgrades available.  Our dealers will be able to order the bikes fitted out with what they feel they can sell.  Individual customers can request any changes they want and we will work with them from start to finished product and build a bike to their specifications…

The First Woman 

Being the first woman in a male dominated industry is sure to draw some attention.  All of the major motorcycle magazines have approached Christine expressing interest in doing feature stories. She has a segment published in Cycle World, as well as SisterCycle, Canadian Biker Magazine, Women on Wheels and feature stories in all of the local papers. 

Radio and television are taking notice as well, even the Discovery Channel asked her to send an audition tape.  In addition, the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall Of Fame contacted Christine and they want her to be a part of a 2-year display they are doing on "First Women", Christine being the first woman commercial motorcycle builder.
2007 Tom Boy Motorcycle

When asked if she would build for a man, Christine answers, definitely.

“I don’t want anyone to buy a Wicked Women Chopper because it is made by a women.  I want them to buy my bikes because they are innovative and a great value for the money.  The fact that I am a women does give me insight into the needs of the women rider, but my skills as a designer and builder is what I want people to look at, not my gender”. 

“Wicked Women Choppers being the name of my company may keep the men away, but anyone looking for quality and value needs to give us a look.  Strangely enough, most of our inquiries to date have been from men (go figure)”. 

Christine remains committed to her vision and a part of that vision is to remain small enough to be personally involved in every bike produced by Wicked Women Choppers, LLC.


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