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0 to 60 in 4.5 Seconds
By Lance Winslow: Speeding is illegal, yet we sell racing motorcycles and cars which are so powerful and look so intimidating that a police man could write the owner a ticket even if it were parked. Take today’s crotch rocket, nearly all of these motorcycles can barely get out of second or third gear going sixty miles per hour. 

The symposium was held on December 12, not November 12 as previously released.
Nearly three dozen individuals representing user groups, manufacturers and the aftermarket industry attended an AMA-hosted symposium in Southern California on Wednesday, December 12 to discuss sound-related issues facing the motorcycle industry.

The American Motorcyclist Association announced today that more than 100 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have co-sponsored a bill that would end health insurance discrimination against motorcyclists and others who participate in legal recreational activities or use their motorcycles for transportation.

Racing ATVs at any Level
Mitch Johnson: Those of you who enjoy riding all terrain vehicles as a sport know the wide spread competition among ATV racers. Some ATVers race their quads recreationally amongst their friends and others are much more serious racers. The serious ATV riders compete in races around the United States, some even around the world. These racers are most likely amateur or professional grade, meaning ATV racing is their life.

By Cindy Quick Wilson: If you have any preconceived notions about what inspires and motivates a talented and hugely successful custom motorcycle builder, you would probably be wrong when it comes to Cyril Huze. You might assume artistic vision to be a necessary element, but as for being philosophical—not so much.

Dirt Bike Jumps
By Andrew Green: Do I have to face dirt bike jumps? If you ever want to ride on a motocross track you are going to have to learn to beat the dirt bike jumps. At first they are a very daunting affair, and riding at them with any pace seems almost suicidal but to get anywhere in dirt bike racing you need to face them and you need to beat them otherwise you won’t get anywhere and you won’t have any success.

Dirt Bike Racing
By Andrew Green: What’s so good about dirt bike racing? The adrenalin is flowing, heart beat racing and blood pumping; the dirt bike racing is about to begin. As far as adrenalin fuelled sports go, you don’t get much more action packed than dirt bike racing. It’s fast, and to coin a well-used phrase, it’s furious. People from age 4 to age 64 love the thrill and regularly take part in dirt bike racing.

Dirt Bike Safety
By Andrew Green: Who needs to consider dirt bike safety? Dirt bike safety is something that absolutely every rider and possible rider must consider before getting on a bike every time. The massive rise in popularity of dirt bikes, ATVs and motocross bikes has meant that is now possible to do courses in dirt bike safety, and if you are a new rider considering taking up the sport or you are looking into it for your children then you should seriously consider taking part in one of these courses.

Fabricating Trends in Fatal Motorcycle Crashes
by Warren Woodward, Chair, State Legislative Committee Street Bikers United Hawaii Recent Trends in Fatal Motorcycle Crashes:
An Update ( ) is 72 pages of charts and analysis from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) based on the 10 years from 1995 to 2004. It should have been called Fabricating Trends in Fatal Motorcycle Crashes. Here's why:

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